I felt this question would be in a lot of minds. So, I am writing a post to answer that.

You are right. I agree. There are millions of videos available on YouTube. But there are reasons why the world’s greatest entrepreneurs are creating courses. There are reasons why people are buying those courses. Let me list down a few for you:

#1. A YouTube video is generally a one-way communication. You can watch a video but you cannot interact with the person who is teaching you. The creators are generally not available to respond to your doubts.

#2. There are two things you need for success. Knowledge and Experience. By watching some random videos you may get knowledge. But you may not get to know the practical experience of a single person from starting that business to building it to a level of success.

#3. Generally, online courses are customized as per your requirements. I mean when you are watching that course and implementing, you may face different problems from anybody else who is doing it. So, the mentor in online courses solves your specific problems.

#4. The online courses are in a structured way whereas Youtube videos are random and scattered.

#5. You may waste a lot of time finding and learning from youtube. You may end up finding incomplete courses and you get stuck in the middle.

#6. You don’t know the authenticity of the person creating the youtube video. You are not sure whether the creator and his advice are reliable. Online courses are generally created by people who have experience in a particular field. A course is purchased by following the mentor for some time and believing him to be the right guide for you.

#7. Youtube videos may not be action based. An online course is action based and can help you implement your business idea in real while watching the course. For any difficulty in implementation, the mentor is available to guide you.

#8. As you may watch different videos from different creators on the same topic on Youtube. You may see contradictory opinions. You will not know which one to believe and implement.

So, there are some reasons why online courses and mentorship is far better than watching random youtube videos.