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I was born in a nuclear family. My father is a reputed Chartered Accountant in Hyderabad, India. Chartered Accountancy is our family profession. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and do something beyond my profession. Immediately after getting my professional degrees, I started looking for business ideas. I did a lot of research, spoke to people but did not know what to start, when to start and how to start. Eventually, I ended up selling some products online and started to grow my business. I had been a self-learner so I continued to learn from the information on the internet and my self-experience in business. I pivoted my business model whenever I saw a better opportunity and kept growing it. I am presenting running multiple businesses. I have experience in selling products and services. I have sold things online and offline. I have done both B2C and B2B sales. I have done motivation sessions for thousands of people. I have helped people start and scale up their businesses.

Doing business is my passion. What could be work for others is not work for me. My work is my source of happiness, energy and satisfaction in life. I am a goal oriented person. I believe anyone can achieve anything in life. It’s just that we have to believe in ourselves and do whatever it takes to achieve our goal in life. Everyone has immense potential within themselves. You have to just unlock it and achieve the so-called unachievable.


Chartered Accountant | Serial Entrepreneur | Mentor for Budding Entrepreneurs

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  Address: M.No. 5-9-34/C/1, Ground Floor, New MLA Qts Lane, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad – 500063

  Telephone: +91 95150 42387


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